Hi, I’m Sharon (45) a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and Level 4 GP Referral.  Fitness was not a part of my life at all until I went through an extremely difficult time in 2006; fitness got me through this time and since then I have literally fallen in love with how it makes me feel about myself and hence all I want to do is help others feel great about themselves too.

I have trained many clients from all walks of life, ages, fitness’s and illnesses and nothing gives me greater satisfaction then to see my clients get fitter and love seeing them feel more positive about life and themselves.

I’ll be honest; I’m not good with clients that don’t want to work hard and achieve results – I’ve been brought up by a family that work hard and put everything into everything they do and hence this just stays with me.  I will always work with people at their level but I love to see clients put in 100% effort – I know that they feel better for doing that as well – you don’t want a client to walk away saying they could or should have done more.

I spend hours writing programs; I write a different program for every client and every session – no session is ever the same – I’m always prepared, can always think on my feet if people have an injury or not feeling quite right – I always put my clients first – their health and wellbeing is of upmost importance to me.

My other passion is food – I absolutely love eating! I have had to learn to eat differently and cook healthier as I was brought up in a world when convenience food, take outs and sweets were all treats and I still carry this with me today.  Why do we say it’s Friday night so we should have a take out for a treat??? Nowadays Chris and I will eat a healthy home cooked meal and feel fantastic – that’s far more a treat than feeling sluggish and terrible the next day – it’s educating people.  We have both drank a lot in the past – escapism, enjoyment, liking the feeling – well nowadays I don’t drink much at all – I just love the way I feel all the time – that is so much better than feeling high for an hour or two.

I hope you all enjoy our website; enjoy the exercises, workouts and recipes – if I can help you in anyway then please contact me.

Sharon is an outstanding professional with an amazing sense of fun. What she doesn’t know about fitness and nutrition isn’t worth knowing but what makes her stand so far above the rest is her ability to understand every client’ lifestyle, pressures and goals and work to these. Working with Sharon will improve your life and hurt in places!!
Cleodie – June 2016

I have been training with Sharon for 2 years now. I have always been a runner and so in relatively good shape. However Sharon has an amazing ability to always push you a little beyond what you believe you are capable of and boy am I grateful – at 35 and post 3 children, I am in by far the best shape of my life – 11kg weight loss and I actually have abs!

Thank you evil genius x
Vicky – May 2016

I have had trainers before and been very “on-off”  with my fitness.  Balancing work and home life is not easy for me let alone fitting in exercise as a lot of my time is spent travelling with my business.  Sharon has been my fitness trainer for over 4 years and she always manages to find a plan or time to work around my hectic life-style which means I have stayed committed to keeping fit.  I love the fact that no two training sessions are the same. My general well-being has improved massively and what a great way to meet people with like-minded fitness goals!  More recently Sharon has been working with me on my diet, written me a healthy eating and exercise plan for me to follow whilst working abroad.  Access to great recipes online even supply me with a shopping list. I’m only two weeks in but already feel my energy levels rising and I’ve also managed to loose weight!
Carol – April 2016