I’m Chris, married to Sharon, 50 years old and I’ve always (until very recently) had a sweet tooth, loved chocolate and cider, sometimes at the same time. I have a fantastic son, Jake and 3 gorgeous dogs “The Girls” who love their walks.

I work up in London, though I’m lucky enough to work from home 2 days a week, the days in London are long and life is busy.

I have suffered from low moods and depression, some times I’ll drink to much or a little too often and as I said I love sweet things.

Since Sharon started cooking these recipes and we started exercising regularly the changes I’ve experienced have been incredible.

I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve had more concentration and energy and my mood has improved immensely.

As a by product of the healthy eating and exercise, I’ve reduced my visceral fat (the kind that can cause heart attacks etc) and added muscle. My body image has improved and I’m more self confident. I’ve tried diets before as I’m sure we all have and I’ve tried “being good” to lose weight and as soon as you stop it just all goes back on. I’ve also had periods of doing lots of exercise, normally running to get myself back on track, but again the exercise peters out and everything goes back to how it was. The key is to combine Good Food and Exercise, so this isn’t another diet its a lifestyle change that we’ve made and that we want to share with you, good food and exercise have to both exist side by side in your life to make a real difference.