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How Do I Get Fit - Good Food and Fitness
How do I get fit?

Here are some simple step by step instructions

1.    Make time in your life - put it in the diary and stick to it - don't make excuses, don't find reasons not to do it.
 Find the time that suits you best – Morning, lunchtime or evening - everyone is different
 Put in 30 mins minimum - 4 times per week - if you can do 5 then it's a bonus
 I recommend trying out different times and different routines until you find out what you enjoy
 It may be as simple as getting up 30 mins earlier and doing a HIIT session at home - a work out with your partner, or even get a friend, neighbour involved or simply take a look in the mirror and do it for you on your own.

2.    When you exercise you need to find it hard work, if you don't you won't improve and see the benefits - it's still hard for me as I just make the sessions harder so that I still continue to improve and see my body getting better and therefore getting fitter -  all the time this helps keep me motivated. (Don’t push yourself too extreme and injury yourself – be sensible the heart needs to be working and blood pumping around the body)

3.    Always plan what you are going to do that week whether it be in the gym or at home doing your HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session - on a Sunday night decide what programmes to follow - we have lots of workouts here on the website, You Tube, Instagram and Facebook (they are all on the website with a printable exercise plan), make a note of which one/s on what day and stick to them - I keep a note in my diary on my IPad

Follow these simple steps and you will start to feel fitter and better about yourself and BE PROUD with your achievements – You have done it, nobody else!