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How Do I Get Motivated & Keep My Motivation? - Good Food and Fitness

Remember only you can do this; you have to want to do it, really want to do it and only you can do it for yourself! (We are here to help you)


I do think it is important to have support around you, family and friends can be great help or equally can be a problem – you need to explain to them that you want to change as you don’t feel great about yourself and you want to feel fantastic – this should then help them to support you.


There was a great programme on BBC recently where couples had to live apart to change their lifestyle and eating habits.  One wife would phone her husband and ask him to bring her home a bar of chocolate when she had a bad day, he would kindly stop and buy her an assortment of chocolate bars; she would then end up eating all of them – basically slowly he was killing his wife as she was gaining weight and struggling with life and totally unhappy – why would the husband do this and not support his wife in more positive ways?  Sometimes it’s about perspective, you need to take a step back and take a long hard look at things – I think a lesson to be learnt for many.


  1. Look at yourself in the mirror – are you happy with how you look and feel about yourself? What are the areas you don’t like? Make a note and now start to work on those areas – you can change so much about how you look and feel about yourself
  2. Visualise the New You – imagine how you will feel in a month, two months etc
  3. Make a commitment to yourself every morning to have a good day
  4. Lift the additional weight that you carry around; even though it’s not about weight it’s an easy measure to use but it’s not a true reflection of you. Focus on what you will gain from this – confidence, fitness, happiness, better health and more energy
  5. In a month – Lift the weight you’ve lost
  6. Sign up for an event – running a 10K/half marathon/cycling event – ask people to sponsor you for a charity close to your heart – believe me you will complete it