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How Do I Get In Shape? - Good Food and Fitness

It’s simple really, eat the right food and move around more.

This is not a diet plan; it is a lifestyle and a way of life and by default you will end up at your ideal weight if you do all the right things.

Getting in shape is 70% Food Intake and 30% exercise output

Deep down we all actually know what we need to do but sometimes we need help to put these simple steps into practise – we are here for you.

  1. Ditch all processed ready meals/foods
  2. Go through your cupboards and remove all sweets, chocolates, biscuits, naughty treats, fizzy drinks and alcohol
  3. Take all of this to your nearest food bank – a good deed done as well

Our rules are simple –  home cooked food, no processed food or processed meats and no refined sugars and we do limit our alcohol consumption – however we do eat a little bit of dark chocolate most days.

  1. Always eat breakfast – we have all heard it’s the most important meal of the day and it is – don’t say you don’t have time as you need to make time – we get up even earlier just so we can eat breakfast and start the day well – if you start the day on a good footing it is more than likely to continue through the day and you will find yourself making better choices during the day
  2. Ensure you carry healthy snacks with you – this way you will never get caught out and stop and buy the wrong things – temptation is hard to resist
  3. Take a healthy lunch with you to work – all about preparation so make sure you read the section on being prepared
  4. Eat a healthy home cooked evening meal – again read my being prepared section
  5. And lastly do your exercise which is already in the diary and planned – DO IT AND FEEL GREAT