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How Do I Get Started? - Good Food and Fitness

Well making the decision to change your lifestyle is the first and biggest step.

You are now committed, so now take some time to plan.

The first couple of weeks will feel time consuming and you may get frustrated but it will all get easier and simpler. It’s all about adjusting into a new routine.

It has taken you years to get into bad habits and they can’t be reversed in a week or two, it takes time; believe me put in the effort and time now and you will be feeling amazing in a few weeks and start to love your new healthy lifestyle.

Read all the links and start to put everything into action

  1. How do I get motivated & keep my motivation?
  2. How do I prepare my food?
  3. How do I get fit?
  4. How do I get in shape?
  5. The truth about alcohol.

Good Luck and remember ONLY YOU CAN DO IT

Sharon and Chris – Here to Help