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How Do I Prepare My Food? - Good Food and Fitness

1.       Planning what you are going to eat for the week ahead is the most important job of the week to do – use our recipes – we have some weekly menus available

2.       Do your food order online, no temptation, saves time and money

3.       Ensure you have lots of Tupperware containers – Poundland for £1.00 – haha

4.       Use the time you save on going to the shops to chop and prepare your food

5.       I put in my diary, what we are eating, the day I am making it – it sounds very dull but it takes 5 mins to plan and then I stick to it for the rest of the week and hence we eat healthy and feel great


A few simple rules once you get into a routine it is very simple – the first couple of weeks may take you longer until you work out the recipes you like and get your online order set up but persevere – it will be worth it.