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The Truth About Alcohol - Good Food and Fitness

If you really want to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle, then you need to cut down on your alcohol intake.

It has no nutritional benefit and is just empty calories – by that we mean calories that do not help the body (your engine) work and move – in fact it slows everything down

Put simply

1.       All the alcohol you consume is additional calories

3 pints of lager = 660 calories

3 large glasses of wine = 750 calories

2.       Whilst your body is trying to remove the alcohol and toxins from your body it can’t burn fat, so basically it ceases any fat burning taking place

3.       You normally crave food when you have been drinking and hence you will end up eating the wrong things as well

4.       Alcohol causes a decrease in testosterone – this is needed to build muscle


The choice is yours – drinking is deemed social, asking yourself WHY??

Why do we want to sit around drinking something that in turn is potentially making us ill, making us feel bad the next day, not liking the way we look and feel about ourselves?

We might enjoy it that night or day but then do you like how you look and feel about yourself for the next few days?

Why don’t we all start now and when one of our friends asks for a soft drink when out – say GOOD FOR YOU!