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I work 7 days a week so lead a busy life as we all do. I try at the weekends to only work mornings so that I can have sometime at home with my lovely three dogs and of course husband:-)))

Anyway I tend to find that the only way I can make my week work and life run easier is to prepare some meals and snacks at the weekend.  If I don’t then believe me I grab anything that’s in the cupboard to eat and hence it all goes wrong very very quickly!!

Here are my list of essentials that I always have prepared – it doesn’t take long, if you have children get them involved, put your favourite tunes on and enjoy some cooking time – when the weather is awful outside there is nothing better.

Here are my list of items I prepare

Breakfast – Cinnamon Pecan Granola

Snacks – Oat Burst (everyone in the gym loves these)

Spicy Nuts (especially if you have people coming over at the weekend)

Bread – Sunshine Bread (I sometimes just eat a slice or two by itself if I’m in a hurry)

I also try and make one main meal ahead as well – makes the beginning of the week start off well and I always feel you are more likely to adapt a healthy eating week if you start Monday well.

A few suggestions:

On a Sunday we’ve recently been eating

Roast Chicken Thighs with Orange Fennel & Onion

I then throw all the leftovers into a

Chicken & Pearl Barley Stew

you could even make the Pearl Barley Stew ready to throw the leftovers in on Monday evening

If I have time I will also make either a

Thai Red Curry


Beef Curry