Every Woman Experiences the Menopause Differently

Most women reach menopause between 45-55 but menopause may occur as early as in your 30’s or 40’s and for some not until they are in their 60’s – everyone is different.  For some, symptoms are mild and pass quickly.  For others’ it’s an explosion of hot flushes and mood swings.

The main cause of this is your estrogen levels drop – this hormone keeps your metabolic rate high and your body curvy; when it fades be careful as you can gain weight – the average is 5-7 pounds during menopause especially round that mid-section.

Declining estrogen levels also leads to a reduction in bone and muscle mass – therefore it is so important to do weight bearing exercise and eat healthy.

You need to ensure you do some weight bearing exercise which can be a brisk walk, if you can still jog or run then do – it is so good for you – it will help burn calories and keep those bones and muscles strong.

Learn to lift weights – you may feel intimidated or just unsure of what to do (join a class or get a personal trainer).  Lifting weights helps build muscle mass which in turn lifts your metabolic rate and also keeps your bones strong.

This will help you in later life as you will be the one out and about still enjoying every part of life.

Stay Motivated

A woman’s risk for numerous medical conditions, including breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease rises during and after menopause.  Working our regularly and maintaining a healthy weight can help offset these risks.

If you need help with any exercises or healthy eating then just get in contact with me.


when you look good, you feel great, when you feel great, you do good