Running Safely During the Darker Shorter Days

The days are getting shorter but you still want to go out running

Running makes you feel great – if not during the run at the end of the run – the fresh air and just being lost in your own thoughts – what could be better; we just all need to make sure we stay safe and well.

1.   Make sure you warm up properly – your muscles will shorten and feel stiffer, start at a nice easy pace as you may find breathing difficult or just feel unfit for the first 10-15 minutes; even stretch and warm up indoors before you attack going outside – listen to those muscles and start off easy before increasing your pace – you don’t want to do yourself an injury.

2. Layer up for a run outside and always make sure you wear some high-viz clothing (we have some lovely ladies jackets on our website).  It is so important that you are seen by motorists, cyclists and other road users – this isn’t just in the dark but on all days; it is so important to be seen.

3. If you can – run with others; it is always nice to have company and support during a long run and you can motivate one another – commit to a time to meet and how long you are going to run for and you won’t want to let your running partner down – it also means safety in numbers.

4. Try and carry a mobile phone with you – I really don’t recommend listening to music when you are running outdoors, you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

5.  Stay hydrated – even on a cold, wet day you will still sweat and hence need to rehydrate – if you don’t your performance will be effected; if you struggle to hydrate during your run then just make sure you rehydrate when you get home or to the gym.

6. Make sure you change into warm dry clothing after finishing your run and always make sure you stretch – preferably indoors as you don’t want to pick up any bugs or infections and after a long run your immune system will be low and your body temperature will drop quickly.