Hi, I’m Sharon – I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years and absolutely love training clients and seeing them become fitter, healthier and feel great about themselves.
I hope you enjoy my website and it helps you live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. If I can help you in anyway then please get in touch.



More about me


At 50 I’d had enough of being inactive and unhappy with myself, so I (with Sharon’s help) embarked on the #GetFitat50 programme. I eat well and I work hard on my fitness and I’ve never felt better, I like the way I look and I love the way exercise makes me feel about myself and what I can do.



More about me

Chris’s son Jake joins us to workout in the gym and takes up the challenge when he can, here he’s waiting for his tandem skydive from 13,000 feet.

He’s also doing the #22PushUpChallenge and training for the Great South 10 mile run later in the year.

Our top dog and just gorgeous girl, mother to Beanz and so soft and affectionate.

Wilma loves to run and when she does she flies! Loves sticks and cuddling up on Sharon’s lap to help her with the paperwork.

Our special girl, nearly died as a puppy but is just such a happy go lucky little girl.