Good Food and Fitness is about getting back to basics, cooking from scratch with fresh healthy ingredients that are good for you, matching that with a small amount of exercise, weaving both into your daily routine that makes it a healthier and happier lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Get rid of the added sugar processed foods and replace them with plenty of vegatables, fruit, lean meat, a sprinkling of superfoods and a touch of spices. Good honest home cooked food. It is not a diet, diets tend to only be short term, this is a lifestyle – for life, for the old and the young, for you and your loved ones. Its only when you combine food and exercise that you will truly get the benefits that can and will lead to a healthier and happier life.
I don't have the time?

We’re asking you to make a small investment of time a day (30 mins) that will have a MASSIVE impact on you, your health, your happiness and your loved ones, surely you and they are worth it?

Time, very elusive when you try to find it, quite costly though it is possible to buy bits of it but the good news is that you can actually make time, even better anyone can do it and here’s how:
1. Decide what’s really important to you!
Watching other peoples lives in the North of England or a suburb of London
dramatically cutting your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart-attack, stroke and dementia. (Telegraph)
Learning about the trials and tribulations of other people with a lovely fellow called Jeremy
Increase your brain power, improve your mood, be more creative, gain focus (BBC)
Watch our favourite TV chefs cook delicious meals that we know we’ll never actually cook yourself
Gain “an appetite for food, sleep, sex, and life in general. I’ve learned to love exercise” (GQ Magazine)

Only you can make this decision, it’s up to you, this is the only life you’re going to get so whatever you decide Good Luck to you!
2. Talk to those you love about how you would really appreciate their help with the changes you’d like to make to your life and how it would be great to make those changes together, spend time together doing something that you can both benefit from. Working together can not only make this journey more enjoyable but also bring you closer together with those you love.
3. Avoid procrastination, this is so important to you, to your loved ones, you could literally be saving your life, so make a start now!

The recipe for making time:
Cut down on the TV, use catch up so that the TV fits in with your schedule instead of the other way round.
Dejunk your time, it is so easy to spend hours on the internet looking at things that are just as mind numbing as watching celebrities eat witchity grubs in the jungle. The internet can be a great resource for healthy recipes and workouts or new hobbies and activities, but use it with caution.
Go out less, online shopping is fantastic, no more searching for aisles, bumping trolleys and queueing at the tills. Do you really need to trawl the high street just in case you see something you like or engage in retail therapy just to make you feel good.
Declutter your kitchen cupboards
Spring clean your possesions.

Using the time you have effectively
Make a menu plan  for the week ahead. Schedule your workouts, put them in the diary.
Shopping, do you weekly shop online, once its set up and you settle into a routine it will save so much time. Use Whisk on the GFF site to save even more time getting the ingredients for the recipes you’ve chosen
Prepare your meals for the week in advance, we do this on Sunday afternoons but it can be whenever fits in with you.

Use your time to look after yourself and those you love!

How do I use the Good Food and Fitness website?
It’s simple and straight forward:

  1. Choose a menu plan.
  2. Shop online (or in person if you prefer) using our shopping list.
  3. Get organised and follow the menu plan and start enjoying delicious Good Food.
  4. Choose an exercise plan at a level to suit your starting fitness level.
  5. Build the exercise plan into your daily routine.
  6. Sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date with everything.
  7. Send us your feedback on whatever way you choose and let us know how you’re getting on and how we can help you and your loved ones.
  8. In one or two weeks you should be starting to feel the benefits, more energy, happier, maybe some weight loss, a body that’s starting to get in shape and feeling better.
  9. Keep Going to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle based on Good Food and Fitness.

I know this works, but it can sometimes be difficult to change, stay the course and if you need me  Get In Touch  please. Sharon

Why do I need to change?
Because within a short number of weeks you will look better, you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll have more energy, and all this will add up to a healthier and happier life for you and your loved ones.
Is it expensive?
It is a sad fact of the modern age that it is cheaper to eat “Fast Food” than a properly cooked healthy meal but I know what I’d rather eat! We’ve spent a lot of time trying to keep the ingredients as simple and straightforward as possible and we will let you know where to get the best deals, overall it may cost slightly more than your usual shop, especially to begin with, but what price can you put on the long term health and happiness of you and your loved ones?