Getting Started – Week 1 Workout

For this workout all you need is:   A step (can be a step box or a front door step), a mat or towel and optional dumbells.

You’re making the incredible first step with this workout, take it easy at first if you’re new to exercise, make sure you warm up first (see the Warming Up – Getting Mobile video) and enjoy the feeling of having taken the first step to a healthier and happier life.
Then try to fit this workout into your routine so that you are doing it at least 4 times a week, more if you can, give yourself a huge pat on the back you’re on your way!

Workout Info Sheet

Workout Sheet

Exercise Technique Info

Exercise Info

You don’t need a step box (use the front door step, garden steps, any step).

You don’t need a fancy exercise mat to get started, use a thick towel, small rug etc

Start without dumbbells and add them in as soon as you can.

Your gym can be anywhere, your front room, your garden, the local park anywhere.